“Dr Jim Amstadt is one of those stellar people who has mastered all phases of dental practice. In my many years of practice in Michigan and in North Carolina, I have seen many extremely talented clinicians, as well as some great people who have mastered the economic or the marketing issues that we all face in private practice. But none have succeeded in all these areas better than Dr Jim.

“What is unique about Jim is, not just that he excels in ALL phases of dentistry …BUT… that he is also a gifted and enthusiastic teacher for any dentist who is eager to learn, whether it’s implants, Cad Cam, or financial management. He is the teacher whom we all wished we had in dental school!

“In the last 6 years I have gotten to know him well. Jim is a master. He is honest, straightforward and he absolutely loves dentistry and anyone who seeks to serve their patients with the very best. If you are serious about improving your dentistry, Jim will help get you there.” —Dr. Gary Arnold

dr-howley“I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Amstadt during my residency at Meriter Hospital in Madison, WI. After four years of dental school, I had not experienced an outstanding dental instructor until I met him. Not only is he a great teacher, but he is also an excellent clinician. His extensive knowledge base, creativity, and personal demeanor made learning dentistry fun and exciting. Whether it was implant dentistry, complex restorative, or managing challenging patients, Dr. Amstadt had the answers. He has an unique ability to explain and simplify difficult procedures and make them attainable to any practitioner. Dr. Amstadt got me excited about my career and motivated to make changes in my current skill set. His lasting impression is still influencing my day to day practice 5 years later. I feel truly lucky to have worked with Dr. Amstadt!” —Dr. Laura Howley

“I met Dr. Amstadt 10 years ago when I was in my GPR program and he was on the faculty. Throughout that year we worked on many cases together spending most of our time chairside. He always had a very special way of providing excellent instruction while also making the experience very comfortable for the student, the assistant and the patient. Since the end of that program, I have continued to learn from Dr. Amstadt through conversation as well as observation in his office. I have come to really respect his rare combination of clinical, relationship, business and teaching skill. While thousands of dentists participate in advanced training each year, many of us are not able to get that knowledge off the shelf. With each new challenge, whether it was advanced restorative, CAD/CAM, or surgical implant services, I have witnessed Dr. Amstadt not only have clinical success but also business success. He is very skilled in creating the vision and executing the steps necessary to create a successful practice. With his exceptional teaching skills and his genuine concern for others, I have the utmost confidence that he will help each client to do the same.” —Brian Wackwitz Owner and Dentist at Howard Dental Center

dr-martens“Dr. James Amstadt is one of the finest dentists I have had the pleasure of knowing with an unrivaled skill set in implant and complex restorative procedures. He is considered a ‘dentists’ dentist’ in our area, as well as the go-to- guy for difficult cases that stump most other practitioners. In addition to being a superb clinician, he is devoted to bettering our profession through continuing education and reaching out to help colleagues sharpen their skills. Jim is a great communicator and has learned the ‘art’ of discussing complex restorative ideas with patients so that they understand and accept treatment. His laid back demeanor puts both his patients and dentists that he mentors at ease. He also excels at marketing and knowing the ‘business side’ of dentistry. I highly recommend James Amstadt for consulting services for anybody looking to take their practice to the next level. He will keep dentistry enjoyable while he makes your practice more profitable.” —JoAnn Martens, Dentist

“I highly recommend Dr. Jim Amstadt as an implant consultant to help grow and build your dental practice. I have had the pleasure of knowing, working with and collaborating with Dr Jim on many complex cases over the past 15 years. He is a highly skilled clinician with an extensive background and experience in implant and complex restorative dentistry. Dr Jim’s knowledge and experience combined with thirty years of restoring complex comprehensive dentistry and his willingness to share that experience make Dr. Jim a perfect dental coach and consultant.

“Dr Jim has a relaxed, yet professional disposition which makes working together extremely easy and comfortable. Dr Jim has the ability to coach and teach in a way that is clear, concise, and straight forward yet caring and compassionate. Dr Jim is one of the finest communicators and facilitators that I have ever been around. I feel his communication and verbal skills along with his clinical experience and a lifetime of running a highly productive, lean and efficient office is what makes him the perfect fit for any dentist looking to move their practice to the next level.” —Thor J. Anderson, DDS, SC

hygienist-lori“I highly recommend consulting with Dr. James Amstadt, having worked with him for more than 30 years. When it comes to growing an exemplary dental practice he’s a creative visionary having succeeded at both the traditional and niche models. Dr. Amstadt’s discriminating educational pursuit has resulted in clinical distinction. His creative combination of these skill sets and exceptional communication skills give him a rare and notable teaching perspective that many seek. I’ve learned a tremendous amount working with him over the years and believe he has something insightful to offer all clinicians. He played a significant part in the direction and scope of my career. You will thoroughly enjoy working with him.” —Lori Sherman, Dental Hygienist at Wisconsin Dental Solutions

“In the 6 years that I have known Jim, he never ceases to amaze me with his understanding of all phases of dentistry. For example: several years ago I was struggling with some financial issues in my practice. Jim listened intently for a few minutes, and then said “let me see your P/L statement and let’s talk again in 15 minutes.

“When we came back, he handed me my P/L, all marked up. Then, he quickly and clearly reeled off a list of observations and suggestions to reduce certain costs and raise revenues. I got a understandable course in financial management in ten minutes!

“That is his strength….this ability to analyze a problem, break it down and come up with a practical solution… and his passion to share it with you. Challenge him with anything…then sit back and watch his eyes twinkle…you know he’s got a good answer!!!

“Trust me. This guy is good.” —Dr. Gary Arnold

galen-stilson“Having had the opportunity to work with you for a few years, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I’ve worked with lots of dentists across the country and, without question; you are one of the best. Not just because you are a highly skilled practitioner, but also because you understand the true value and purpose of dental marketing. That it’s not just a numbers game but the quality within those numbers. You get it. You see the whole picture. And more so than any other dentist I’ve worked with, it seems like it comes naturally to you … and it really doesn’t to most dental professionals. Your ideas were always helpful and I incorporated a couple of them into my work with other dentists. There’s no question why you have been so successful. Other dentists should copy your approach to the business.” —Galen Stilson, Dental Marketing Consultant/Copywriter

janis-du-pratte-and-terry-goss“Jim Amstadt is truly one of the wisest and greatest gifts to dentistry we have had the privilege of working with in our 30+ years of professional experience. He recognized early on the importance of advanced post-grad clinical training in providing the most exceptional clinical care. And he has pursued hundreds of hours of CE per year with some of the most renowned experts in the field of dentistry. In addition, he realized that developing significant relationships with patients was core to his professional success and personal fulfillment. He is charismatic by nature and has worked to develop exceptional listening and patient communication skills. He believes in diversity of practice style and has been successful in building both a family practice and a practice dedicated to complex restorative dentistry. His brilliance in marketing enabled him to take a new comprehensive care practice from scratch to success in literally one year. Jim has a keen eye for diagnosing problems, establishing goals and charting a course that will ensure success. A true believer in an empowering leadership style, he knows how to bring out the best in teams and create a culture of passion and enthusiasm in which everyone takes ownership for the success of the practice. In short, Jim can take you, your team and practice from where you are to your vision for the future through clinical mentorship, leadership training, team building and building a passionate team dedicated to excellence and creating a reputation for exceptional patient service and care.” —Terry Goss and Janis du Pratté with Terry Goss & Associates

Dr. Curran“I was asked recently to describe my colleague of over thirty years, Dr. James Amstadt. One of his many fine qualities is his ability to be nonjudgmental. All too often people who have attained the highest level of professional competence become boastful, blowhards who look down their noses at others. Jim’s dedication to excellence as is witnessed by his lengthy vitae of post graduate training is something he is willing to share with his colleagues regardless of their current competencies. I have heard Jim comment on numerous occasions that nothing is ever gained by running down another colleague. Therefore many people, myself included, have gained a great deal from Jim’s wealth of knowledge, and positive approach to helping others.” —Mark J Curran D.D.S., Portage, WI.