The Art of Patient Facilitation Session II: Co-Diagnosis & Advocacy

Session II ~ Co-Diagnosis & Advocacy

Co-diagnosis occurs during an interactive exam process that invites patient participation and ownership. When patients understand what is healthy, where there are clinical concerns and the implications of those conditions, they will determine what they want to learn more about and what they want help with.

When we are able to help patients imagine what might be possible with dental care and what that would mean to them personally, they begin to shape a future vision for their health and quality of life. Patients don’t “buy” our dentistry; they “buy” what our dentistry will do for them. With a clarified future outcome, they find excitement and motivation to move forward.

It is our job as dentists to give patients hope and build confidence and trust in our ability to provide exceptional service and care. Without trust, patients will be reluctant to invest significant resources in the services we provide.

Course Objectives

  • Eliminate language barriers and dental jargon
  • Bridge cognitive dissonance
  • Establish healthy boundaries
  • Foster ownership and self-responsibility
  • Compliance vs. commitment


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