Placing Immediate Implants in the Anterior

How many times has a patient called or walked into your practice with an emergency, having lost an anterior tooth in an accident? Why refer them elsewhere or send them home disappointed with a gap in their smile? Instead, send them home ecstatic with a new implant and a beautiful fixed temporary crown followed three months later by a new permanent implant crown. Thanks to this advanced procedure, your patient will never have to go toothless again.

What about addressing failed endodontic treatment? Following this course, you will be able to extract the tooth and place a fixed, temporary crown and implant instead of a removable partial denture.  In addition, this course will teach you how to use an immediately placed provisional to shape the papillae around the extracted tooth, for more natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing results.

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Course Description

This course covers basic surgical knowledge and techniques necessary for placing dental implants immediately into anterior extraction sites. Course highlights include academic lecture and sequential photos of a live surgery demonstration and the fabrication of a high-quality immediate provisional crown. After attending this online, interactive module, participants should be able to develop their own protocol for assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning, surgical placement and prosthetic restoration of single-tooth, immediate implants.

Course Objectives

  • How to diagnose and create a treatment plan for immediate dental implants
  • Understand when to place an implant immediately and when not to
  • Proper extraction techniques to preserve bone during tooth removal
  • Learn how to immediately place an implant into an anterior extraction site
  • How to make a high-quality esthetic anterior fixed provisional
  • Determine when to graft and when grafting is not needed
  • Understand flap design and suture techniques in the anterior as well as what membranes to use
  • Use of custom abutments for final restoration

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