The Art of Patient Facilitation Session III: Collaboration Partnership & Coordination of Care

Session III ~ Collaboration Partnership and Coordination of Care

To promote a collaborative partnership, we must co-create a plan with each patient that is aimed towards their personal goals for health, beauty, function and quality of life, as well as our clinical goals for stability, precision and longevity. Our passion for the services we provide and our enthusiasm for the difference we make in the lives of the people we serve is crucial to inspiring our patients. Well-developed facilitation skills and a supportive decision-making environment lead to better health outcomes.

Course Objectives

  • Clarifying patient outcome
  • Creating value for service
  • Assessing patient readiness for change
  • Identifying and overcoming barriers
  • Discussing fees, budget and financial understandings
  • Facilitating decision making
  • Gaining commitment to action

Cultivating communication skills, prioritizing exceptional service and care, treating each patient with respect, and honoring his or her uniqueness will ensure a thriving practice. To learn more about patient facilitation, Dr. Jim invites you to sign up for this course. Please contact Dr. James Amstadt Consulting LLC by calling (920) 210-2149 or emailing Dr. Jim at