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Dental Implant Training Services

Now that you have completed your advanced continuing education courses in prosthodontics at The Pankey Institute, Kois Center, Spear Education, The Dawson Academy or another distinguished institute, you may be wondering how to incorporate your newfound knowledge into your dentistry practice. Perhaps you would like to feel more confident when providing dental implant treatment or administering intravenous (IV) sedation medications. Or perhaps you want to know how to convert your routine dental patients into complex implant and restorative dentistry patients.

Whatever the case, undergoing customized coaching with Dr. Amstadt Consulting, LLC, can help.

What You Need to Know

Successfully incorporating your recent dental implant training into your everyday dentistry practice is a multi-faceted objective. To transition your practice from a general dentistry practice to a multimillion-dollar, complex implant and restorative dentistry practice, you must:

  • Feel confident when performing prosthodontic procedures, even for your first dental implant patient
  • Invest in leading-edge equipment and instruments
  • Construct a knowledgeable support staff trained to assist with dental implantology, IV sedation and complex restorative dentistry
  • Understand how to convert your routine dental care patients into complex implant and restorative dental patients
  • Market your practice in such a way as to position yourself as an authority in implant and sedation dentistry

These aspects of implementing your implantology training into your practice may seem straightforward. But how exactly do you build confidence when performing complex procedures that are relatively new to you? How do you convert complex implant and restorative dentistry cases without seeming as though you are pressuring patients to undergo unnecessary treatments?

Thankfully, Dr. Amstadt can show you how.

How Dr. Amstadt Consulting, LLC, Can Help

Before starting training, Dr. Amstadt meets with you in person to understand your mission, your targeted demographic and your business and fiscal objectives. He listens to your budgetary concerns and performs an onsite assessment of the current state of your practice. After compiling all this information, Dr. Amstadt formulates a customized coaching strategy that you will feel comfortable with.

Depending on your objectives, Dr. Amstadt can include some or all of the following instruction methods to help you transform your general dentistry practice into a multimillion-dollar one:

  • Live, onsite instruction and tutorials (Dr. Amstadt can walk you through your initial implantology and sedation dentistry procedures at your practice to help build your confidence)
  • Assistance with supply purchasing and equipment procurement, ensuring you invest in the most modern, state-of-the-art technology
  • Advice regarding how to construct a knowledgeable support staff to assist with complex procedures
  • Coaching to demonstrate motivational interviewing techniques and other approaches that will allow you to capture complex implant dentistry cases confidently and easily
  • Marketing advice, in accordance with your marketing budget, that will help you capture your desired demographic and increase target patient traffic
  • Counseling regarding how to organize and systemize important facets of your practice, so that it thrives even while you are on vacation
  • Specific topic training related to dental implants such as immediate placement of implants into extraction site, immediate load provisionalization, sinus tenting, sinus windows, block grafts, as well as chair-side coaching.

Learn Dental Implantology

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Learning how to transition from a general dentistry practice to a lucrative, complex implant and restorative dentistry practice can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, Dr. Amstadt will walk you through the process, step-by-step, so you won’t feel overwhelmed and can start seeing results in your bottom line as soon as possible.

To begin incorporating your implantology training today, schedule a consultation with Dr. Amstadt. You can contact his office by calling (920) 210-2149 or by emailing him at now.