Complex Case Conversion

Now that you have invested in yourself and have enhanced your dental skill set by completing advanced continuing education courses in dental implantology and intravenous (IV) sedation at renowned institutions such as The Dawson Academy, the Pankey Institute, Spear Education or the Kois Center, how do you incorporate what you have learned into your private dentistry practice? How do you convert individuals seeking routine dental care into complex implant and restorative dentistry patients without seeming like a pushy used car salesman?

For some dentists, the answer may come easily; however, most dentists need some assistance cultivating dexterity in case conversion. Needing help in this aspect of building a multimillion-dollar implant and restorative dentistry practice is nothing to be ashamed of. First and foremost, dentists are physicians, not salespeople.

Nonetheless, thanks to advancements in dentistry technology and techniques, the landscape of dentistry is evolving. Dentists must stay abreast of advancements in the industry and ultimately become more adept at complex case conversion in order to thrive in the modern dental milieu. Undergoing customized coaching with Dr. James Amstadt Consulting, LLC, can teach you how to do just that.

The Secret of Complex Case Conversion

There is a fine line between addressing your patients’ implant and restorative dental needs and seeming overly aggressive, as though you are trying to sell your patients superfluous dental services. Most individuals that visit the dentist already feel ambivalent or downright anxious about the experience. You do not want to drive your patients away; instead, you want them to feel comfortable, as though you are offering them a needed treatment option that has the power to improve not just their smile but their overall quality of life — which you are.

The key to capturing complex implant dentistry cases is friendly communication with a purpose. Some individuals may refer to this concept as motivational interviewing or communication facilitation between dentist and patient.

Many patients visit the dentist either because they are having oral health problems that they need addressed or they have a precipitating life event (e.g., wedding, reunion, etc.) that they want to look their best for. The goal of motivational interviewing is to garner information about the motivating factor that brought the patient in to see you in the first place; this will create a natural segue to discuss more complex implant or restorative dentistry treatment options.

The concept itself is an easy one to grasp, but it is much harder to practice motivational interviewing techniques while preserving your inviting, personable demeanor.

How to Learn Motivational Interviewing Techniques

In formulating your customized coaching program, Dr. Amstadt includes several teaching points that are personally tailored to help your unique practice thrive, from practice management skills to marketing to your targeted demographic. One of the most important subjects that he covers is complex case conversion. He will teach you about motivational interviewing — what the concept is, what the technique entails and how to become proficient at eliciting pertinent information from your patient that will naturally facilitate complex implant dentistry case conversions.

Get Started Now

sedationEven if you have completed more than 2,000 hours of continuing education in dental implantology, CEREC chair-side restorations, IV sedation dentistry and more (as Dr. Amstadt has) you may still not know how to incorporate what you have learned into your private practice, how to capture complex implant dentistry cases and how to position yourself as an authority in implant and restorative dentistry.

Undergoing customized coaching with Dr. James Amstadt Consulting, LLC, is a convenient and effective way to learn these principles, so you can transform your general dentistry practice into a comprehensive, multimillion-dollar dentistry center.

To get started today, schedule a consultation with Dr. Amstadt. He will meet with you in person and conduct an onsite assessment of your practice before formulating a strategic coaching program that will help you grow your practice. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Amstadt, contact his office by calling (920) 210-2149 or by emailing him at now.